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n March of this year, the rain was so much, especially cold, desolate, and even decadent inscriptions in the early morning, the spring rain leaped and pushed open the door, full of dilapidated, desolate, and the loneliness of the weeds, all of which came into view at the moment. In the distant hills, the fields are covered with rain and fog, haunting the original green and handsome outlines; the peach branches that spit out prematurely in the vicinity, helplessly sway the few small flower buds to be opened in the spring breeze, and these small The flower bones are squatting, this is an annoying cold spring; even the first few days have just borrowed sporadic sunshine Cheap Cigarettes, the unknown wildflowers on the roadside, this time also pulling their heads, it seems that they can not withstand this spring breeze The roar of the spring rain; the machine roaring in a few tens of meters away seems to be more noisy than usual, and the small puddle on the concrete floor in front of the door is also attached to a cup of tea in the drip, with soothing music. Sitting at the desk, then through the glass window, look at the countryside in front of you, delusion; listen to the smoothness of the rain and music ensemble, seduce; think of those memories of the past, sadness. In fact, such a rainy day is suitable for nostalgia. This March is suitable for breaking. Every time it rains, I will think of you; every time I miss you Wholesale Cigarettes, my heart will hurt; every time I feel bad, I will think of your damp mood in the rain, and I will remember the sadness that was forgotten in the corner, and the tears will start in my eyes. So, getting up, holding an umbrella, a person sorrowing under the rain, once again feeling the kind of heartbreaking cold and painful release, remember that the day is also such a weather, you replace the rain with rain, I am I cried in the rain, I didn��t want to admit it, I didn��t want to recall it, and the passionate March was filled with loneliness. You said, dry your tears and be brave and strong. I thought, I looked up and could see the colorful colors outside the umbrella, but I still remember the sorrow in the scorpion under the umbrella. You said, if you have a terminal illness, I hope that I can go to see you without leaving my eyes and go with you for one day. At least in the memory of your death, I have seen my truth. I was touched by such a sad words. Suddenly overwhelmed, I don't seem to know what kind of action I want to use to express my gratitude. But it is very sad, but you did not wait for my grateful half-action Online Cigarettes, and gave up the reason for sticking to hope, because, you said, some people, far away from the sky, are better at the moment, more worthy of distressing, unable to say all Desperate, I began to learn to release sorrow in the rainy season. Am I sad? Are you sad for your giving up? Is it painful for my attachment? Knowing that too far away will not have a result, but why should you promise it lightly? Knowing that the light of passion is too dazzling, why should you trap you in your heart? In fact, I didn't cry, just when I looked up, the rain just dropped into my eyes, not salty. In fact, I am delighted, because you know the experience, you know how to grow, though, it is the exchange of my love. Your world, I began to let go, love you, is to make you more free, the sunshine that should be in March, spring blossoms, seems to be far away from me, Xu is related to the weather, Xu is related to you in the story. Perhaps, we have walked in such a warm time, but those have become once, and now we are exiled so gently. Perhaps, the haze of the past has oppressed our heavy passion, but these have been our childish promises, and buried the sediment in the rain for a long time, the rain gradually stopped, and forgot to accept the umbrella. Looking into the distance, on the side of the horizon, who is accompanying me under the umbrella? I just want to keep my happiness in such a rainy day. That clear pain, how can I let go easily, this late comprehension, even if my world, will not dance with you, you must be obsessed with it, the happiness you have given, in fact, this March's broken thoughts It��s just sad, it has nothing to do with you.
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